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    Our Aftermath and Hazmat Cleanup Services: What We Can Do For You?

    Life can be unexpected at times, which means finding yourself needing hoarder cleaning, biohazard cleaning, trauma scene cleanup, or death cleaning can be a little out of the ordinary. Thankfully, our full-service hazmat cleanup team is here to support all Tucson and surrounding area patrons, providing you with sensitive attention to detail. We work quickly and swiftly to remediate the situations, boasting an impressive track record of helping with everything from blood cleanup to hoarding cleanup services. If you are in need of crime scene cleaning, trauma scene cleaning, or biohazard cleaning in Tucson AZ we have got you covered. Our trained professionals understand that these situations can be sensitive so we do our best to get the work done well. We have experience working with delicate situations and can make sure you are in good shape.


  • We Have Experience Cleaning All Kinds of Hazardous Materials, Including but Not Limited To:


    • Death cleaning
    • Crime scene cleanup
    • Biohazard cleanup, removal, and remediation
    • Biohazard waste removal and disposal
    • Hazmat cleanup
    • Suicide cleanup
    • Blood cleanup
    • Aftermath cleanup
    • Death cleanup
    • Trauma scene cleanup
    • Medical waste removal
    • Forensic cleaning
    • Tear gas cleanup
    • Meth lab cleanup
    • Drug lab cleanup
    • Decontamination

    The importance Of Crime Scene Cleanup
    Biohazard cleaning tasks in Tucson AZ and surrounding areas can often double or triple the cost of typical fire or water damage restoration due to the complexity of the proper waste disposal of certain hazardous materials. Every situation is different and if the hazardous materials are not cleaned and disposed of properly it could cause issues with order or other problems down the line. In the case of forensic cleaning when drug labs need to be cleaned, it creates a unique situation. Meth labs can leave toxic residues if not cleaned up properly that can be hazardous to people's health.

    After the death of an individual, the professionals show up to collect evidence, ask questions, record the crime scene and remove the body. But what happens after the experts are gone? Family members are often left with the mess left behind by the medical and legal experts. It is crucial that the hazards left behind are dealt with by trained forensic cleaning professionals.


    If a violent crime occurred, there is often blood and other bodily fluids left behind which could potentially transmit diseases if not taken care of quickly and properly. Trained professionals have the tools and knowledge to properly handle any hazardous situation. Improper cleanup of a hazardous scene could be fatally dangerous whether the scene is a trauma scene, hoarding situation or if drugs are involved. Each of these scenarios can present serious danger.


    Pathogens such as hepatitis B (HBV), hepatitis C (HCV) and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) are just a few of the dangers that can be found at a crime scene that would require immediate and proper forensic cleaning. Hepatitis can survive in a deceased person for up to 16 days, depending on the temperature and the surrounding environment. HIV can survive in the blood for up to 5-6 days following a death, assuming that optimum PH balance is maintained. There is a great deal of risk with blood borne pathogens so the need for speedy and knowledgeable cleanup is great.


    Don’t put your family and friends at risk by having them come assist with the cleanup of hazardous materials at a crime scene. Not to mention the trauma that is often involved when family and friends are left to take care of the cleanup of a crime scene. Some people’s first instinct is to grab a bucket of bleach and start cleaning, but we can almost assure you that this will not be sufficient in eliminating hazardous risks. The last thing you want is for someone to come into contact with hazardous material that puts them at risk for disease or other health issues. Trained crime scene cleanup professionals know exactly how to clean the area thoroughly the first time to eliminate any potential dangers.


    Dealing with death, crime or any other hazardous situation can be extremely traumatizing. We know that after the medical and law professionals have done their job all you want to do is get the mess left behind taken care of as quickly and efficiently as possible. We understand the stress these situations can cause and will work diligently to properly dispose of and clean any and all hazards so that you can move forward with your life. No one wants to start smelling an odor months after only to realize that the crime scene was not properly cleaned and there is still blood that seeped into the walls or floorboards that is now starting to rot and give off an awful odor. We know how to get the job done right the first time, every time. You can trust that if you hire us as your biohazard removal professionals, we will erase any potential hazards or risks.


    Why Work With Our Biohazard Cleaners?


    We go above and beyond what it means to be a death cleaning team today. We understand that our services are more pressing than those of a regular cleaning company, which is why we take our aftermath cleanup specialty incredibly seriously.

    • Professional Crime Scene Cleaners: Our professionally trained team has been through hands-on training modules that have them prepared for everything from tear gas cleanup to suicide cleanup, which means they are ready to come in, assess the environment, and provide sensitive support.
    • Experienced: We have over 10-years of experience working in our unique industry, helping clients successfully remediate meth lab cleanups, trauma scene cleanups, medical waste removal, and the list goes on. Chances are, we have seen it all.
    • Swift: We’re in a line of work that requires swift responses. We take that seriously, which is why we assess and remove the medical waste in a fraction of the competition’s time.
    Transparent: Most of all, we’re a transparent company, keeping you in the know from the start to the finish of the service.

    Why Do You Need Biohazard Cleaning and Decontamination Services?

    Have you ever considered why hazmat cleanup is more important than just the actual act of cleaning the scene? Here are a few reasons why you absolutely need our support today:


    1. Hygiene: If not for the location, you need hazmat cleaning for the hygienic element and your personal health. If the sensitive substances are not disposed of properly, it could cause dangerous biological threats in the future.
    2. Fire & Water Damage Costs: Biohazard messes can double or triple the cost of typical fire or water damage restoration due to the complexity of the proper waste disposal of certain hazardous materials.
    3. Safety: In the case of meth and drug lab cleanup recommendations, if the sensitive substances are not contained, they can create a potentially explosive environment that is a direct threat to an individual’s safety.
    So if you're in need of biohazard cleanup or crime scene cleanup services in Tucson AZ and surrounding areas, give us a call today for an assessment.